Its really not so hard

Its a simple matter of bothering to find out the facts - And that's EXACTLY what i spent the last 15 years doing!!! - Now let me help you find your answers with my Relationships & Happiness Super Session


Geoff's Life Changing Relationship SUPER SESSION

REMEMBER:- Relationships are meant to be fun, uplifting and enhance the quality of your life -

Dont settle for second best


ARE WE NUTS!!! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result!!  Relationships consume more of our lives than any other choice we make in life, so you would think we would do everything in our power TO GET THEM RIGHT
  • Time consuming
  • Financially draining
  • Emotionally exhausting
  • Self esteem destroying
  • Heart breaking
  • Work distracting
  • Life disrupting
  • Painful, confusing, challenging, demoralising, hurtful etc etc

SO CAN YOU TELL ME WHY! So few people bother to find our how to make their lives better. If you want to save bucket loads of tears, time, money, heartache and pain take just a tiny amount of time to learn how the other half tick.

Just 2 hours of your time will change the rest of your life! Its so simple you will kick yourself for not doing it sooner.

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 2 Hours that will change the rest of your life

 Relationships & Happiness  SUPER SESSION

IMPORTANT:- I guarantee this session WILL change the quality of your relationships, love and life FOREVER  or your money back!!


Geoff is a Best Selling Author of 7 books - International speaker and regular on TV & radio.

He writes columns for numerous magazines and publications and is dedicated to the science and research of 'relationships and change'

Hi I'm Geoff,

Have you ever thought, 'surely relationships shouldn't be THIS HARD!!  I did.

I noticed that everywhere I looked people were breaking up, breaking their hearts or complaining about the very person they were supposed to love the most. It just didn't make sense.

For me the cost of another bad relationship was not worth it - in time - heart ache - self esteem - emotions - lost days at work - lost income - lost hope and never ending baggage.

I decided I would either find out what was going wrong or label the whole 'happy ever after' thing a MYTH.

15 years later (11 of them happily married) and thousands of pages of scientific literature, books, papers and research I FINALLY FOUND THE ANSWERS!!!

If you want to change the quality of your life and loves forever, take 2 hours out of the rest of your life to learn what the greatest loves of all time knew from the start!

Love is blind when you learn how to speak the language


How does the opposite sex really think?
How do I communicate with them?
How do I know if they love me?
Why won't they commit?
Why are they doing this to me?
Why won't they talk to me?
How do I  make them understand
How do I get over him/her?
How do I find Mr/Ms Right?
Why don't they listen?
Help me get over the pain!
I don't know what to do?
How do I fix...?
Who should I choose ....?
What's wrong with them?
What's wrong with me?
I can't find a date
I can't find love
I keep getting hurt
Should I stay or should i go?
I deserve better than this





Geoff opened up a whole new world I had no idea existed. I have never felt so liberated from my past and excited about my future. Why didn�t I know this stuff years ago??� Mia Jennas, Editor

The Relationship & Happiness Super Session is a MUST for anyone who wants peace not pain in their love & life

For the first time in many years I am smiling again in my relationship, thank you so much Geoff, you have changed my life�:- Kate

Designed to teach you the most astounding practical secrets, tips, tricks and facts:- the Super Session will give you the answers to all those burning questions past, present and future & an exciting new perspective on your life.

�WOW what I learnt in those two hours has blown my mind. I had no idea all that was going on under the surface. It all makes so much sense" :- Jason

Geoff customises the latest cutting edge relationships and human potential information to apply to YOU in an easy to follow process you will wish you had know about years before.

"What a relief!! I have a sense of peace that I have never experienced before�:- Michelle

Regardless of your relationship status: single, married, happy or having problems, what you learn WILL drastically change the quality of your life and those who share it with you.

It�s like we�re on our honeymoon again. I can�t believe we put each other through so much when the answers were so simple�: Chloe

  �Why were we not taught this at school?�

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  • STOP Getting Hurt & Wasting Time, Money & Emotions on Mr/Ms Wrong

  • STOP Hoping and praying & start learning the facts

  • STOP Getting caught in the Relationship Rollercoaster and start to live!

    • START Learning the truth, science and facts about the opposite sex, how they work and how to maximise your potential

    • START Building Your Self Esteem, confidence & presence in dating, relationships and life generally

    • START Understanding how to find real love, avoid the fakes and nurture a lasting relationship

 Life is too short   One on One Relationships and Dating Advice







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